Hi, I'm Baptixta.

I'm a Game Designer at Dumativa, creating remarkable and unique experiences.
I'm also the co-founder of
Nano Knight Studio.

Fall Effect



  • Game Design [enemies, mechanics]

  • Balancing [enemies, enemy wave system]

  • Sound Effects [development and implementation]

  • Music [composition]

My experience:

This project originated from the Mage Game Jam 2022.

I teamed up with my partners from Nano Knight Studio, and we set out to create the best possible gaming experience in just 7 days (the duration of the Game Jam).

The theme of the Game Jam was "Side Effect," so the design I suggested was that everything within the game should result in the player's falling as a side effect.

It's a simple premise, to stay on the platforms for as long as possible without falling. So, after designing the enemies and balancing the enemy waves (which become larger and more challenging as time goes on), we managed to deliver a really cool experience in just 7 days of development.