Hi, I'm Baptixta.

I'm a Game Designer at Dumativa, creating remarkable and unique experiences.
I'm also the co-founder of
Nano Knight Studio.

About Me


I'm a Game Designer at Dumativa, developing unique experiences.

I'm also co-founder at Nano Knight Studio, responsible for the design/audio of the PC games Kiwi's Quest, Fall Effect, Odin's Delivery, Out of the Control and Clean Adventure.

In addition, worked with mobile Games during the time I've partnered with Vivo Keyd, responsible for the design of the games Avalon and Cyber Hero.

I have a technologist degree in Digital Games at FIAP, having previously spent a couple years in Front End Development. My mission and passion, is to develop great and remarkable experiences for everyone :)

And that's not all.

In addition to working with games, I also write a lot about Game Design on social media, and this love for writing isn't something recent. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed creating stories, and because of that, I also write poems (I don't usually post them that much, but I'm always writing), expressing myself through José Anônimo.

To wrap it up, in my free time, I'm always skateboarding, and getting to know places, people, and experiences thanks to this wooden board with 4 wheels.